Keeping it citrus over gas, Insane OG carries tradition, history, and culture from the men and women who risked it all to bring the masses weed worth smoking in the 90’s.


Not everyone can walk into a place and command complete authority, but that’s the only way El Mero enters the room, like a true boss! Don’t mess around, El Mero is heavy- handed and street tested.


Combining the disciplined, skilled flavor and craftsmanship of Kush Mintz with the alchemy & adaptability of Dosido; Kushido comes at you like a flash of the blade ready to cut you down! Part street, part strategy, all BADASS.


Subtle hints of frosted pine creep through a tropical crystalline forest of dark juicy purple leaves waiting for the perfect moment to strike! You have been warned, this one will definitely put the squeeze on you.


Hindu Phunk is a purple indica strain known for its smooth Hindu Kush flavor and heavy-headed hash-like highs! A few inhales will have you singing chants of praise with every exhale for this flavorful flower, as refreshing waves of Limonene and Linalool lift you into a state of higher being.

MAC 11

Take aim and fire away with this badass strain in the Insane Lineup. MAC 11 is our 11th pheno cut of the Miracle Alien Cookies that has an arsenal of creamy terps with a heady feel that will mow you down like a fully-auto.


Insane Alien Brain is a hard-hitting Indica dominant species recently discovered for its ability to rocket you into a new dimension of cerebral enjoyment and total relaxation.


You don’t have to be a billionaire to take a flight into outer space. Just get your hands on a bag of Insane’s Holland Space Cake, strap on those moon boots, and get ready for lift off!


We probed the depths of our ‘out of this world’ seed vault to discover these luminous green nugs filled with pinene and B-caryophyllene that will surely transport you to a whole new dimension.


Coming from B Real’s longtime friend, Rojo of redline Genetics, this triple-cross superstrain combines the tangie tang of Mimosa, the silky smooth taste of OZ Kush, topped off with a juicy blast of Blueberry!


Zoology is an enhanced pheno cut of the Animal Mintz from the homie J Beezy at Seed Junky Genetics, and is certain to take a bite out of you if you let it! Sink your claws into a bag today and tranquilize your inner beast!


Another special gift from Rojo at Redline, this terp-rich combination of Grand Daddy Purple and OG culminates into dense nugs of rich purples and neon greens, packed with flavors of plump juicy grapes, and piney green gas! Plant yourself on the couch with a bag today!


Pimpin’ ain’t easy! WWE superstar wrestler The Godfather has lived the life, and through this legendary collab he reminds you to “Come aboard the Smoke Train!” This heavy handed indica-dominant hybrid is a body slam of cookies, kush, and haze and it will definitely have you seeing stars!


Wake and Bake all day long with this truly Insane breakfast of champions! Our Insane Stuffed French Toast is a mouth-watering cross of Paris OG and Face Off OG. Sprinkle a little Insane on your day with Stuffed French Toast!


Nothing quite lights up the night like the luminescence of a full moon. Nothing, that is, but the incomparable Moon Grapes from Insane! This secret and powerful cross of two of the world’s most popular exotics shines bright with neon green and rich hues of light purple. Talk about bag appeal!


A perfectly crafted blend of a true Los Angeles favorite Gelato 33, crossed with a newer SoCal bred beast Animal Mintz! This high-testing, flavor bomb celebrates the spirit and vibe of the California cannabis culture, while remaining true to the essence of what we’re all about, flavor & feel!


Our Insane Bermuda strain alludes to this mysterious phenomenon as you lose yourself in terpene infused waves of Limonene, Myrcene, and Humulene. Drown your worries in this powerful plant combination of GMO and Triangle OG as you rift away into a lost realm of peace and tranquility.


As the weed world has long embraced the minty snap of Seed Junky Genetics original Kush Mintz, we have been carrying the torch to bring a new and enhanced pheno of this classic cut. We’ve employed military-grade technology and deep-state government secrets to bring forth our Kush Mintz 41.


A couple of West Coast classics, the California sunset and Gelato smoke. Our clone only bagseed expresses a heavier and darker hue than some of her cousins, perfect for that dusk transition. Terpy drips of Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene, make this late night snack the perfect wingman for tonight’s adventure! Celebrate Cali’s eternal summers and sink into Cali nights!


Fiery orange hairs highlight the contours of her plump purple nugs, as her sweet scent fills the room with intoxicating vibes! A triple threat cross between Orange Cookie x Gelato x Kush Mintz.


Combining the balanced hybrid vibes of Jealousy with the smooth minty blast of its Indica dominant cross, London Pound Mintz, this flavor comes in hot at nearly 40% total cannabinoids. This is one strain that will lift your vibes and put your head in the clouds! In fact, this one is so breathtaking it may damn well reach the legendary “double rainbow” status!


Warm like she’s been in the sun all day, this apple fritter cross smells like she just came out of the bakery. Damn! This nearly 50/50 hybrid will start to slow you down like a bright autumn day, but will stop short of sending you lookin for the covers. Watch out though, she’s gonna have you ready to eat a whole baker’s dozen!


Feeling the heat this summer? Why not cool things down with the delectable flavor of Insane Ice Cream Cake? This decadent pheno of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 unites beauty with badass!


This flavorlicious blend of Purple Thai crossed with Afghani, hits hard with a deeply nostalgic aroma and taste that you’ll want to savor and enioy all year longl With fluorescent shades of lime green, bright orange, and deep purple, we turn on the lights!


The true cherry on top, Insane Maraschino is a delicious way to top off any day with the ultimate flavor drip. Swirling red hairs coat a deep green forest of plump juicy nugs in this Indica-leaning hybrid strain.

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